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One of the largest reptile shops in the South-West.

We are agents for Exo Terra, VivExotic, Habistat, ProRep, Arcadia and GiganTerra.

Our Crested Gecko Kit

Everything you need for a new Crested Gecko

Our Crested Gecko Kit

The crested gecko-specific kit that we offer includes everything that we would use in our own crested gecko enclosures in the shop.

The Exo Terra enclosure is 45x45x60 cm, and comes with the products shown. We also add a matching Compact Light Canopy (with 7% UVB bulb and heat bulb).

Additional essentials for setting up a suitable environment also include substrate, bark and branches, wood pieces, feeding ledge, a water bowl, and live spagnum moss.

We also provide the correct food that the Crested Gecko will need, which includes Pangea, live insects, and jellies.
Prices start at £360.

Our Starter Kits

We offer full starter kits for most of the animals that we stock

Chameleon Kit

Everything you need for a new chameleon

Snake Kits

Everything you need for a snake

Tortoise Kit

Everything you need for a tortoise

Crested Gecko Kit

Everything you need for your new gecko

Bearded Dragon Kit

Everything you need for your bearded dragon

Leopard Gecko Kit

Everything you need for your new snake

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